End of The Triple Lock

Quote from Wise Age Chief Exec: Yesterday the Prime Minister and Chancellor indicated they cannot guarantee the continuation of the triple lock on state pensions as per their election manifesto. Coupled with the end of the £25 Universal Credit and the limit on energy subsidies this puts poorer pensioners ( over half) in jeopardy of hunger, cold, penury and condemns us to a life of poverty. As ageism stops many over 50s getting the jobs they want and need it puts many of us in dire need of support in finding a job and requires employers to look afresh at the many business benefits older workers and age diversity offers them in a time of labour shortages. This also applies to the 1.2 million pensioners who are still working. The idea of the great retirement is overshadowed by the great redundancies older people face.

For more info on how Wise Age can help tbose over 50s looking for work go to www.wiseage.org.uk’

Chris Walsh, Wise Age Chief Exec

Update 3pm 19/10/22

‘Despite the PM now saying the triple lock is safe, we have to wait and see what the budget says on October 31st,
including exactly what pensioners will receive, when and how long it will remain. What is clear however is that the majority of pensioners and workless 50+ citizens will continue to receive a lower state payment than most of Europe and will be on the breadline. We must fight on their behalf and help change employer attitudes to give older workers a chance of another job on decent pay’ –

Chris Walsh, Wise Age Chief Exec

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