Chris Walsh

Chris Walsh BA, MCIM is himself both a babyboomer older worker and pensioner. Chris has for over 20 years, been active in the age movement, helping older people gain employment and overcome poverty, while fighting ageism and promoting the benefits of older workers and age diversity to employers, the media and government decision makers.

chris walsh

Peter Murphy

Peter Murphy is currently a Director of Wise Age, and trains older job seekers and employers. Peter has worked with Wise Age and its predecessor for fourteen years and managed successful projects such as Age Works, in partnership with ACAS among others. He has represented Wise Age at conferences and events in France, Poland, Belgium, Italy and the Czech Republic.

Sunny Singh

A technical leader with strong leadership skills across global teams, who has a proven track record of delivery in multiple technology disciplines including Front Office (Application Support and Middle-office), Back office (Equity ITIL, Risk/Finance). Proven ability to establish a culture of high performance in multi-site environments. An outstanding leader in managing highly skilled development teams through complex change programmes that deliver business values

Anna Stapleton

My name is Anna Stapleton, I am an Accredited Master Coach for the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring (IAPC&M), an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner and published author. My HR experience within a corporate environment and the Acute Care Services of the Mental Health Sector motivates me to passionately promote Mental and Emotional Wellbeing.

Nadeya Zaman

Nadeya has over fourteen years experience working in the charity sector within health, social care, community development and housing, spheres and has a good understanding and working knowledge of voluntary, community, social and health care provision and services available to older people and their carer’s.

With seven and a half years experience working with older people and four years of which specifically with people with dementia and four years specifically with carer’s of older people including carer’s of people with dementia. Two years supporting Carers of adults and children. With over six years experience working in Community Palliative Care. Has also worked a short stint in India within three different slums.

Tim Whitaker

Tim Whitaker is a consultant and writer working on age and employment issues and wider issues of ageing from a policy and communication perspective . He’s also actively involved in employment issues particularly the changing London labour market, promoting age friendly workplaces , combatting age discrimination in employment and poverty issues affecting older people. He’s a member of London’s Age Friendly Forum and also the Convenor of Royal Society for the Arts Good Work Guild on Inter generational dialogue on work futures.

Twitter : @TimWhit22319076

Linkedin :

Abbas Nurbhai​

A versatile and accomplished Account Management and Engineering professional, Developed innovative Telecoms products for Fujitsu, Westell, Alcatel , Soleaero, C&W and Northern Telecom. Developed multiple commercially successful, globally deployed, product categories including exchange products used by British Telecom for Broadband Britain – DSLAM and multi-service (Ethernet) telecom access products and PABX’s, IP and VoIP

Past Trustees And Tributes

Jane Shenton

We would like to pay tribute to Jane Shenton, who was a Director and Trustee of Wise Age.

Jane joined the board two years ago.  She was a very active member of the board, contributing significantly to fundraising and bid-writing activities, always searching for new opportunities, and contributing to grant applications, which she always meticulously proofread before they were sent. She also led our drive to have a complete set of policies that complied with the requirements of the Charity Commission when we became a registered charity.

Jane had previously had a very distinguished career in the non-profit sector, with particular expertise in matters of governance and risk management.  She was previously the Deputy Executive Director at Médecins sans Frontières UK and came to Wise Age with over 25 years experience at senior management level in the humanitarian sector both overseas and in headquarters.

Jane will be missed by all at Wise Age who worked with her, and we would like to extend our condolences to her family and friends.

Donald Weighton

We would like to pay tribute to Donald Weighton, who was one of our founder trustees.

Wise Age is very sorry to report that one of our founder trustees Donald Weighton has sadly died. 

He will be greatly missed. He was responsible for successfully applying for charitable status and used his many skills to help us progress as an older person’s charity. 

Donald will be missed by all at Wise Age who worked with him, and we would like to extend our condolences to her family and friends.