Poverty Rates for Over 50’s – Report from Age UK

Age UK London’s new report with data showing that poverty rates for over 50s are significantly higher in London compared with the rest of the country.


Wise Age supports the conclusions which show how important combatting older worker unemployment is

Headlines from the report released this London Challenge Poverty Week include:

·       25% of older Londoners live in poverty, compared to 18% in the rest of England.

·       44% of older Londoners living in social housing are in poverty.

·       20% of Londoners in their fifties are in fuel poverty, compared to 15% in the rest of England.

·       The proportion of pensioners in London living below the minimum income standard is 7 percentage points higher than for the rest of England. Ten years ago the gap was only 2 percentage points.

·       Older Londoners are 50% more likely to be experiencing food insecurity than those in the rest of England (12% compared with 8%).

The report includes data on poverty rates; poverty rates by housing tenure; fuel poverty ; food insecurity; household costs and Minimum Income Standards. Some of the most recent data is only available for the period up to just before the pandemic. A range of factors including the cost-of-living crisis mean the situation is likely to be currently even worse.