Britain's Diverse Population

Did you know:

  • There are over 66 million people living in the United Kingdom, slightly more women than men.
  • There are over 3.5 million older working age people (50 to State Pension Age) who are workless, and pre Covid-19, under 350,000 registered for unemployment benefits.
  • Over 71% of older working age people (50 – SPA) were in employment before Covid-19.
  • Nearly 31 million of us are working or actively looking for work (most of the rest are under 16 or are retired).
  • Around 3.5 million disabled people are in employment – around one in eight of all working age people in employment.
  • 45% of the UK population identify themselves as having no religious belief (though they may hold non-religious beliefs, such as Humanism). 47.5% of people say they are Christian, while 3.3% are Muslim, 1.4% Hindu, 0.5% Jewish, 0.2% Sikh, 0.2% Buddhist and 1.4% other non-Christian religions.
  • HM Treasury Actuaries estimate that 6% of people are attracted to people of the same sex (lesbian women and gay men) or both the same and opposite sex (bisexual people) 

Snapshot Facts and figures about Diversity

  • 56% of refugees over 18 have a qualification
  • 80% of the ethnic minority population is aged 16-35 with an annual disposable income of £32 billion
  • 18% of the Working Population have a disability, which translates to 8.7 million in the UK, with an annual spending power of £50 billion
  • In less than 7 years, only 20% of the UK workforce will be white, able-bodied men under 45
  • 60% of the western population is over 65

Equality law

Ensuring your company or organisation complies with the equalities law is imperative. By using eQuality Recruitment, you will be taking the right steps to help ensure you are protected against discrimination practice in the recruitment process.

In order to fully understand the complexities of the law and to make sure you are compliant, we have put together a comprehensive list,  provided by ACAS, that sets out the equalities law below.


Equality Information:

This information is provided by “acas” (