Our CEO’s Response to The Guardian


We at the charity  www.wiseage.org.uk have been tying to help over 50s including pension aged workers find decent employment for over 10 years and can testify that far more than the 1.2 million state pensioners already working want and need work as over half of all pensioners are below the £12.5k per year income that is the base line for tax.  It is an outrage that in the 5th richest country in the world half of children and pensioners are below or on the poverty line.

This will now get even worse with the energy and general cost of living crisis hitting hard this winter. One of the reasons that so many over 50s cant get a proper full time contract is down to ignorance an prejudice arising from ageism when older people offer wisdom, experience and access to the silver economy.

If anyone needs free support, especially if you live in London please register on our website and do have a look at the advice and support we offer after 10 years of battling for older workers