Press Release – Wise Age Announcement

London, UK – July 4, 2024 – Wise Age, a leading advocate for older workers, is thrilled to be chosen as one of 15 innovators for the Greater London Authority (GLA) No Wrong Door Innovation Challenge. This initiative aims to connect Londoners with the right employment and skills support, regardless of their starting point.

Addressing Age Discrimination and Labor Shortages

Wise Age is the only innovator specifically tackling age discrimination in the workplace for over-50s. Their project focuses on two key issues:

  • The high number of unemployed and underemployed older workers in London, leading to poverty and social isolation.
  • The critical labour shortages in sectors like hospitality, health, and social care, exacerbated by employer bias against older candidates.

A Multi-Faceted Approach to Empowering Older Workers

Wise Age’s solution is multifaceted:

  • Training the Trainers: Experienced Wise Age experts will train employment and age-focused agencies, equipping them to better support older workers seeking employment or self-employment.
  • Building Partnerships: Wise Age will develop a network of agencies, decision-makers, and employers to champion the benefits of age diversity and older workers.
  • Fostering Intergenerational Collaboration: Wise Age will explore ways to encourage intergenerational activities and collaboration between older and younger workers.

Targeted Support for Maximum Impact

The initial phase of Wise Age’s project will focus on:

  • Training 15 unemployed older workers (over 50) in Hackney and Tower Hamlets seeking employment or self-employment.
  • Equipping 12 voluntary agencies and public bodies across London with the knowledge and skills to empower older workers.
  • Educating employers and employer networks in Hackney and Tower Hamlets about the value of a diverse workforce.
  • Facilitating knowledge exchange with other No Wrong Door innovators to address barriers faced by different age groups.


“We are honoured to be selected for the No Wrong Door Innovation Challenge,” said Chris Walsh, Chief Exec of Wise Age. “Age discrimination is a significant barrier to employment, and we are confident our project will empower older workers and bridge the labour gap in critical sectors.”

About Wise Age

Wise Age is a dedicated organization working to break down age barriers in the workplace. They provide resources, training, and support to older workers seeking employment or self-employment.


Chris Walsh, Chief Exec, Wise Age Ltd.


Peter Murphy, Operations Manager, Wise Age Ltd. 07740 192446


This press release highlights Wise Age’s selection for the No Wrong Door Innovation Challenge, their focus on age discrimination, and their multi-pronged solution. It includes quotes and contact information for further inquiries.