Chris Walsh – Wise Age CEO: Good to get a hearing

At last after all our work the media have been contacting Wise Age to get an expert opinion on what older people need to return to work. As we have been repeating the problem is not early retirement onto the golf course by a lucky few that Hunt and Sunak seem to know. But for the vast majority of seniors who are unemployed or that horrible word workless they are desperate to work but cant get hired due to ageism among many employers and most all recruitment agencies.

The problem is less one of supply side requiring retraining or bribery but demand side which is why it is so important to combat ageist myths and prejudices by explaining the many benefits older people offer employers, including experience, support for younger workers and meeting the needs of the enormous and growing silver consumers,.

So I was able to get some positive quotes into an article written for BBC business and also to engaging in a very positive discussion on BBC Radio Bristol. Lets hope this is the beginning of more media awareness of both the real issues behind older workers unemployment and a greater appreciation of the arguments we have been making.

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