Over 50s To The Rescue

Hamish McRae has some thoughts on how best to tackle our economic woes and Wise age agrees which is why we are running support sessions for 50+ and promoting benefits of older workers to employers from all sectors. Please read below:

Good afternoon,

There are tough economic times ahead. Whether you worry about the rising cost of energy, or predictions of a recession – there is more than enough to weigh on anybody’s mind. The next Prime Minister will have a lot on their hands.

Hamish McRae suggests the best way to solve our economic woes is tackling the problem bit by bit. One step which might have been overlooked is encouraging over 50s back into the workplace

“This is the largest single reason why the UK workforce has shrunk from its pre-pandemic size. How do you get them back?

“You certainly cannot force early retirees back to work if they don’t want to or need to, and the new jobs may need different skills from the old ones. But I expect we will see a combination of carrot and stick change the balance in the coming months.

“The stick is that many people misjudge the amount of money they need in retirement.

“The carrots come in the form of flexible working and the social benefits of being part of a team, as well as the cash.”

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