WiseAge Meets With Portuguese Partner

WiseAge recently met with Portuguese partners to explain the situation facing older people in the UK, and our work in helping overcome ageism.

The CEPOL Foundation considers that it is essential to create an ecosystem specializing in senior entrepreneurship in Portugal, bringing together the various players in a strategic reflection that is based on the architecture of a convergent and consistent plan of action in public policy, taking advantage of apprenticeships collected internationally and best suit our reality.

To that end, the AEP Foundation team held meetings with entities from various countries (UK, France, Belgium and Spain), aiming to collect information on existing organizational models, policies and best practices in the country, which may be replicated in Portugal …


Some of the entities the foundation gathered with were:

Wise Age LtdThe O45E CluBstartupschoolforseniorsRest LessmYmOSECOTFundación MAPFRE50pro Emprendimiento SeniorFundación AdeccoFundación Endesa,