Childcare Roles for Over 50

Click the link below to see the flyer:

Koru Kids is actively seeking referrals for clients interested in childcare roles (experienced or entry-level) to look after children in family homes across London and Hackney. 

We have particularly high demand for over 50s who have raised their own families.

We helped 476 people in London into part-time childcare roles on PAYE contracts in September alone – and demand from families is still growing!

Koru Kids is a national childcare service based in London that specialises in part-time childcare.

How to refer:

Wise Age clients who use this link will be tracked (so we can give you feedback on their progress) and be eligible for a £100 bonus when they start work before 1st November:

  1. Check if you’re eligible in 60 seconds
  2. Apply in 10 minutes (no CV or cover letter needed)
  3. Apply today, interview tomorrow

What you need to know:

Digital Flyer attached and full information on the role here: 

Some highlights below:

  • £10-12/hr on PAYE contracts – no zero hours
  • Upfront and ongoing training and support provided free
  • We pay for DBS
  • No formal experience necessary (but experience does mean you get a higher hourly rate – including if you’ve looked after your own children)
  • All jobs are local
  • Mostly part-time, but we’re also supporting clients to become full time childminder in their own homes
  • 10 min application process (no CV or cover letter) with an interview the next day

Any questions? Contact us on 020 8050 5678