WiseAge’s New Website

Wise Age is happy to announce a new, improved , interactive website offering help to over 50s looking for work- www.wiseage.org.uk.

Chris Walsh – Wise Age Chief Exec said: ‘In these hard Covid times, older working people aged 50+ have been particularly hard hit, with hundreds of thousands more being made unemployed to add to the millions over over 50s without work. This next month will see many more people being laid off as the furlough scheme ends and the financial support for self employed people  finishes. This has a negative impact on all seniors and their families, and on the economy.

As the last recession showed where older people are retained and retrained not only do employers benefit from increased profitability and productivity but also that younger people were more likely to be employed as with seniors support they become more productive and employable.’.Therefore we are very pleased that we have been able to completely update our  50 + website to provide a whole range of support and information needed to help any seniors seeking work’.

Peter Murphy- Wise Age Director and responsible for online support adds: ‘ Thanks to support from the City Bridge Trust as part of the London Funders network we have been able to finance the development of our new site and hope that this will prove to be a valuable resource to help the hundreds of thousands over over 50s looking for work up to and including the over 1 million pensioners still working’ 

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