Looking At How Silver Tourism Can Help The Greek Economy

WISE AGE is part of a consortium of age organisations from across Europe looking at ways that silver tourism can benefit the Greek economy and bring greater awareness to British silver tourists of the positive features of Greece as a tourist destination as well as highlighting ways in which their experience as seniors can be enhanced.

As part of this work, we will be asking interested seniors to take part in an online questionnaire as well as asking for people to join virtual focus groups to discuss ways to make Greece a great destination for those over 50s. This is part of our understanding and commitment to educating decision-makers. companies, the public and media of the importance of the silver economy to the economy and the recovery after the COVID recession.

One of the key sectors that is benefitted by seniors of all ages and of widely different interests in Silver Tourism which can extend the active life of a tourist destination or event ( like the tour de France) outside of main school holiday periods. If anyone wishes to be play a part in this ongoing research please contact chris@wiseage.org.uk

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