ONS – Employment, unemployment and economic inactivity by age group

Wise Age is supporting both older unemployed and workless older people as we recognise that there are many who are desperate to work but who are not formally registered as unemployed, including those with health conditions / disabilities who wish to work at least part time, those who are carers and want and need to work part time and those on pension credit or who have been unable to be formally registered with the DWP. These stats show that there ae many more over 50s who both wish and need to work but who find that ageist  beliefs and myths among employers and recruiters stop them finding work, rather  than those lucky few retiring early to the golf course. It is both  supply and demand side problems which need to be addressed  by government and employers from all sectors’


There’s some more detailed breakdowns available on NOMIS https://www.nomisweb.co.uk/sources/aps

There’s recently been some articles on the over 50s, here’s a link to one


Keep an eye out on their release calendar for different articles https://www.ons.gov.uk/releasecalendar?view=upcoming