Lack of Work-based Training for Older Workers

New research from City and Guilds reveals the lack of training received by older workers Lifelong learning – skills for a sustainable future (

Almost a third of all workers had received no workplace training for at least 5 years, with 47% of those age 55+ most likely to say they have not received any training in that period. Almost two-thirds (61%) of workers were not confident that they had the skills they needed to succeed in the workplace in the next five years.

Over half (56%) of employers surveyed stated that they face some kind of barrier to meeting their skills and talent needs. However, when they were asked how they intended to address this skills gap just two fifths (42%) say they plan to invest in training and development specifically to tackle skills gaps, a fifth (20%) plan to consider reskilling or moving staff from different departments but most worryingly only 14% say they plan to recruit or re-train older workers.

This illustrates the real problems facing older workers which will intensify when furlough ends in September. Wise Age will be lobbying policymakers in London to ramp up support for older workers at risk and for employers to see the benefits of employing older workers.