Our Age Platform Europe Membership

Wise Age is pleased to have been a member of Age Platform Europe – the largest network of over 50s organisation in Europe – for over 8 years and for 4 years before that as our predecessor Wise Owls.

Our chair Chris Walsh has been the chair and co- chair of Age Platform Europe ( UK section) for over 4 years. We are pleased to be able to link you to the vast library of best practice around age issues in Europe and to the ideas and campaigns being developed across Europe. We are also a member of a research project around silver Tourism in Greece.

Although we are leaving the EU under Brexit there are still many ways that we can benefit from our ongoing membership and partnership with Age Platform Europe and its members. Click here to go to their website www.age-platform.eu. See below the following articles relating to current campaigns and projects that are being run and which reflects the same concerns and offer positive messages around the same issues we are facing in the UK. 

COVID 19 GREEN PAPER MUST CONSIDER AGEISM  https://www.age-platform.eu/special-briefing/back-business-unusual-covid-19-green-paper-ageing-must-consider-ageism-human-rights 

AGE EQUAL CAMPAIGN AGAINST AGEISM https://www.age-platform.eu/campaign/age-human-rights-campaign-against-ageism

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