Wise Age Calls For An Older Workers Strategy In London

There’s rightly been a lot of attention given to younger workers post-pandemic, but the plight of older workers in London needs tackling urgently.

With significant unemployment levels affecting older workers and the potential loss of a growing number of over 50s in the London job market, Wise Age has produced an older workers strategy for London aimed at the Mayor of London and policymakers Our strategy sets out four key strategic priorities for London.

The core is not just more bespoke training support and better advice but also policy measures to address the drivers of the current problems – most notable ageism in workplaces and the lack of age-friendly workplaces.

We’re calling on a mayoral Challenge on ageism in employment supported by a London toolkit for age-friendly employers. Read our strategy here WHY WE NEED A STRATEGY FOR OLDER WORKERS IN LONDON NOW.

Wise Age