Experience of Unemployment SUMMARY of responses

Our survey amongst job seekers aged 50+ on their experience of unemployment showed that the majority of respondents had each submitted between 11 and 50 job applications without getting an interview; a further 14% had submitted up to a 100, and 18% over 100 applications. Of all respondents 92% believed that their age had been the determining factor in them not even getting an interview.

Of those who had had an interview 67% again believed their age had been the main  factor in the decision not to offer them the job,

47% had been given no reason for their rejection whilst 15% were told they were overqualified, 9% that they ‘would not fit in’ and 9% that ‘you would be older than everyone else’.

Some respondents had not registered as unemployed including 17% who had ‘given up after so many rejections.’

Amongst the other comments received the following represent the common experience of those 50+ seeking work:

I managed to get a job about 8 months ago. Accidentally, I discovered that I’m paid less than a colleague of the same gender, but half my age and with much less experience and fewer qualifications. So far, HR have refused to explain why the unequal pay. I wonder why the substantial experience that comes with age doesn’t seem to be valued by some hiring managers’.

‘I believe that Age is the biggest obstacle. First, the Employers pay less for younger people and they believe we go gaga after 60. I would LOVE to get back to work’.

‘‘I am currently on universal credit and visit my work coach every two weeks. She freely admits that most companies are ageist, but not much can be done. which I find an astounding comment from someone who works for a government agency’.