An Age Diversity Declaration

  • We understand that age diversity brings benefits to all ages economically, socially and at an organisational and personal level.
  • We understand that where age diversity is practiced in employment, benefits accrue to the organisation and business, to the employer and the employees. This applies at the micro level of organisations and communities and the macro level of national economies and societies.
  • We believe in the uniqueness which every employees brings to the workplace and that  having an age diverse environment improves productivity, creates better working relationships and enhances social  cohesion for all.
  • We believe that this commitment to age diversity needs to be understood and implemented throughout society and that the dangers of ageism and intergenerational conflict be exposed as false, discriminatory, and illegal.
  • We want a society where people of all ages can participate: in work, in education, in leisure, and in life. We want the government , employers, the media and the public to understand and embrace  the benefits people of different age bring to the workplace, ending divisions, and creating a future which is fair to all.

Making This Happen

  • We call upon everyone who recognises the importance and need for an age diverse workforce and society to support and promote this.
  • Please add your support for this on your website and send us your endorsement.
  • Send this to MPs and political reps, employers and their organisations, trade unions and across the cvs asking them to support these aims and put them into practice.