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Over 50s and looking for work?

Wise Age can offer you the following services to your Borough. For over 50s unemployed residents in your borough, we offer at no cost…

As we understand you are an age-friendly employer, to offer our ‘Wise Age’ support to help you recruit suitable older employees and help promote yourselves as an age-friendly employer…

The following are services that we can provide at no cost to our corporate clients, as this work is part of our Trust for London funded age-friendly programs..

In the current climate of labour shortages in London post-pandemic, there is a great resource at your doorstep- older working-age candidates…

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We can provide 121 support (at no cost as this is funded by Trust  For London) by phone or email or online to help you:

  1. Understand the Age and Employment Equality legislation
  2. Show the benefits to your business of an age diverse workforce and the many advantages that older working age people( 50+) can offer your business
  3. Set up 121 meetings or presentations to individual businesses or business networks (like Chambers of Commerce)
  4. Match your employee needs to our clients and carry out candidate screening.

To access this support

  1. Register as a member ( free and takes 30 seconds) by clicking on  https://wiseage.org.uk/register/ then go and look at our employers section https://wiseage.org.uk/for-employers/
  2. Email us on employers@wiseage.org.uk 


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Key resources

For Over 50s

We have a variety of resources available for older jobseekers, click the button below to see how we can help you. 

For Employers

As an Employer, it important to be aware of age-related issues, head to our “For Employers” page for more info!

For All

We have many resources available for researchers & more in the age/employment sector.

The ultimate jobseeker's guide​

We have a guide available for Unemployed seniors, with all of the tips & tricks you'll need to find a job!