Help For Over 50s Facing Hardship

Wise Age is very concerned about the dire financial situation facing many older people – both those of later working age ( 50+) and pensioners – particularly the over 60% of pensioners living on less than the tax threshold (£12500 p/a) and those over 50s of working age who are  not in work or in very part time or on zero hours contract low paid and insecure work.

The impact of the loss of the £20 per week Universal Credit uplift, the requirement for those at work beyond state pension age to pay National Insurance ( despite already having paid in their full amount) and for all to pay an extra 1.5% tax through N.I. and the freezing of benefits and pensions to increases below inflation means that now unfortunately there are millions of older Londoners facing poverty. As inflation of energy prices, food and allied fuel related costs impacts on more and more vulnerable people life is getting much harder for those in greatest need. So we are trying to research and promote any measures, usually at a local or London level, that seek to offer assistance, however limited to those in greatest need, Please see below links to some support being made available.

If anyone knows of other sources of support please let us know at