An Older Workers Charter

  • Wise Age and partner organisations have developed a Charter for older workers which we hope will be adopted by concerned age and employment organisations,  employer organisations, trade unions, political parties and applied by government and employers.
  • Encourage employers to retain and to hire seniors, as part of an age diverse workforce. 
  • Upgrade professional skills throughout the working life for seniors on the same basis as all ages of employees. 
  • Provide working conditions that adapt to the needs and benefit of seniors.
  • Implement health promotion programs for older and all workers. 
  • Rejuvenate careers with age-friendly measures beneficial to employers.
  • Support intergenerational co-operation and knowledge transfer in the workplace. 
  • Promote time sharing expertise between seniors and other workers. 
  • Promote self employment to seniors and encourage opportunities for seniors and age diverse partnerships to buy small companies. 
  • Promote Active ageing in employment, flexible retirement. 
  • Support full employment, liveable wage and combat exclusion for seniors and all groups of the workforce.

How To Promote This Charter

  • Raise this issue in your organisation, especially age and employment agencies
  • Contact your MP or other political representative & party, ask that they endorse it
  • Contact your trade union and ask for them to support this charter
  • Contact your employer and ask them to apply these approaches 
  • Contact us at for more info