WiseAge’s New Contracts

Wise Age is currently running a DWP project providing support to over 50s job seekers in Tower Hamlets and Hackney. Since the Coronavirus, we have been running this virtually, with help by phone, email and online offered.  This programme consists of regular 121 advice sessions with  expert empathetic employment advisors and group training from our experts with 20 years experience in helping older people back to employment / self employment. This is currently being offered virtually and primarily through 121 support. The training includes Understanding and Overcoming Ageism, Confidence Building, Matching your Application to the Job Advertised, Improving your CV and submitting on line applications, understanding employer needs and how to meet them plus how to win at interviews. These have proved successful both for the individuals but also in building  50+ group support and solidarity. This contract is coming to an end, but we hope to soon get another and if you register with us now we can offer some online guidance and you would then be automatically registered with us if we do win another contract.                                                                                                                                                                                              Check Eligibility 

You have to be registered as Unemployed with the DWP on JSA or Universal credit and must be resident in these 2 boroughs.

How To Join, Contact us at contact@wiseage.org.uk and we will send you an online registration form and self-assessment form.

Wise Age has been awarded a new contract by DWP to offer support for over 50s living in Hackney.

Add a result of our successful program in Hackney, we have now been awarded 3 borough contracts in Hackney, Newham, and Tower Hamlets to help over 50’s back into work. If you’re interested, please contact Eleanor at elena.muncey@wiseage.org.uk.

Our equip program is now up & running, please see our leaflet  https://wiseage.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/EQUIP-flyer_v.pdf

Wise Age now has a small local contract to offer help to 20 clients aged 50+ who need support to get back into employment, for details see leaflet below. We are offering our highly successful program of support to those older workers currently unemployed with 121 support from trained empathetic advisors, a published life coach, online small group training honed over 20 years of experience plus support in accessing financial support on line from our partners in Bromley by Bow centre.

Anyone interested please contact us through the email and phone number below or approach your DWP Hackney work coach. We hope that this support, so desperately needed by hundreds of thousands of older job seekers can be delivered more widely and are hoping that more DWP areas will take up our offer of services tailored to the needs of seniors job seekers.

Leaflet: https://wiseage.org.uk/leaflet-el061-final-draft/

DWP Members Ares

Our recent funding has been provided by City Bridge Trust through the London Funders programme to provide online and web-based support to anyone in London needing online support.  This has paid for our website update and re-launch which now includes far more online support and links for 50+ job seekers . For people who are unable to access the internet or make online applications we also are able to provide loans of tablets with appropriate software and we offer training to help clients apply online for work and training.                                                           

Check Eligibility

This support is available to anyone over 50 who is actively seeking employment or self employment and lives in London

How To Join, Contact us at contact@wiseage.org.uk and we will send you a registration form

Old Contracts

** Wise Age has successfully completed the support and training of our Tower Hamlets clients, but due to BREXIT the ESF programme has finished early and also because of COVID registration restrictions we were unable to claim for all the clients who we had helped. 
However, we are pleased that despite the impact of COVID and government lockdown we were able to help our clients gain employment skills, confidence, digital financial awareness, receive training and ongoing 121 advice plus life coaching.  **

We are being funded by London Councils / ESF Tower Hamlets to provide support to over 50s residents of Tower Hamlets who are workless and have barriers to employment they need help to overcome. We offer the same types of support as our DWP programme but we also have a highly skilled and published author who acts as a Life Coach to help people overcome personal difficulties which can act as a barrier to finding work and happiness.  While our current programme is being carried out virtually  and we may have space to help 4 more clients in the future months, currently we are unable to register people face to face and therefore cannot formally register anyone new, however if you are interested we may be able to at least register you virtually and offer some support now, so that if and when we are able to register new clients face to face we can add you to the number.                                                                         

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